How to use this course

What are these "elements?"

There are seven sections in this course.  Each section is dedicated to learning about one of the seven elements of art.

The elements are the building blocks of art.  Knowing about these special terms is a great place for a kid of any age to start learning about art.  They are applicable when making art, talking about art, and studying great artists.  

I like the elements of art because they are simple concepts that give kids an easy way to approach making and talking about art!

How does this book teach the elements?

Each section is broken down into six main parts.  

Section One

The first lecture in each section includes a printable for your student to do and an accompanying video.  Take one day and use the printable to become acquainted with vocabulary and the basic concept.  These printables can generally be done with minimal mess and materials. Most kids will be able to do these sessions independently!

Section Two

The "Play with an Element" lecture gives you and your kiddos a few open ended ideas for exploring each concept.  Pick one or two of these activities that are appealing to your family and spread them out out over the course of a week so your child can see how the elements of art are present in everyday life

Section Three

Each element has a list of children's books that feature that particular element.  Learning through reading is one of my very favorite ways to teach kids!

Section Four

The "Explore the Element at KTC" provides a framework to use the dozens of free lessons already available at the Kitchen Table Classroom.  Connect existing KTC online lessons to the given element to round out your exploration. This is the space to dive deeper into the concepts that excite your child! Links make it super easy to access these "extra" lessons!

Section Five

This portion of the course will introduce your child to a well known artist that uses the element being studied as a major part of their work. A basic lesson as well as books and directly linked web resources are available so there's no scrambling to find resources or preview materials!

The artist study portion also includes a consumable printable in PDF form. This printable will have examples of well known works of art with space for students to respond to a few simple questions!

Section Six

And finally, each element features one main, detailed project designed to connect the element being studied and inspired by the artist being studied. This project may take two to three studio sessions, depending on the project and the the pace of your own child!  

Instructional videos mean you can work alongside your young artist or they may work independently. I'll do the instruction so you can relax and enjoy!

How long will this course take to complete?

The answer to this question will vary from family to family and child to child. You could easily spend a week 6 weeks on each section, including the main, detailed project. At this rate the course will cover an entire school year.

The beauty of an online course like this is that your child can access it forever. There is no pressure to complete the lessons by a given deadline. Feel free to spend more time on projects that excite your child, exploring KTC for even more lessons.

Skip around if you like. The elements sections do not need to be completed in any order!

Most importantly, work at a pace that both you and your child enjoy!

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