Art Experiences Outdoors E-Book

Big Ideas for Outdoor Art

Big ideas, simple supplies....

What if I told you that "art class" could be as simple as a prompt or "big idea" from you and a single art material.

Each of the twenty five projects in this ebook provide you with a single "big idea" meant to inspire a project that your child can do collaboratively with you, a group of kids, or on their own.

Each project can be done in a an afternoon but you'll find that these ideas are things your kids will return to over and over. Simple ideas that inspire your kids to create and recreate incorporating their own ideas means hours of engagement beyond the initial lesson.

Simple materials...

You know that bucket of dirty sidewalk chalk hanging out in your garage? Give forgotten materials a new life with these simple ideas.

Nothing fancy is required for any of these projects. Many rely on materials you can find outside your door. Others require basic materials like washable paints, sidewalk chalk, yarn, and food coloring. Most of these can be found in your pantry, or art supply drawer. Any you don't have are easily found at any big box store.

A lack of materials won't stop you from these big ideas!

Inspired by mother nature...

Art is everywhere.

You can make something beautiful out of anything.

Anyone can make art and enjoy it.

Forget the mess......

Does the prep and clean up process discourage you from setting your kids free to create?

Good news! Many of these projects are best done outside.

That means your kiddos creations can be big, messy, and way fun.

Who is this e-book for....

Kids with a shorter attention span, the kids that can't sit still, the kids that haven't developed that attention to detail- they will thrive with these big ideas. If you're looking for a super engaging way to introduce the visual arts these outdoor art experiences are it!

Trust your kids -they are already artists.

Some kids have already discovered that they are artists and some may need a little more coaxing. This e-book will support you as a teacher to help your kiddos find their creative voice.

Your Instructor

Jodi Burgholder
Jodi Burgholder

Hi, I'm Jodi!

I'm a former public school art teacher turned homeschool mama to my own four.

The visual arts are a huge source of joy for me and I want to pass that love of creating on to your kiddos.

I'm passionate about the role art can play in kid's lives! All kids can learn to value the arts and take joy and comfort in expressing themselves

I want to make teaching art easy and fun for you, no matter your background! Your kids can get quality art experiences right at home! You can join in to learn and create beside them or you can set them free. Either way, I'm behind you the whole way!

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  Art Experiences Outdoors E-Book
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